A short ètude on accents and texture.
Music and video: Sebastián Vergara

"Geometry ètude I - Reading house light shapes"
Mus. Video: Sebastián Vergara

Smartphone-made video of the light shapes formed by natural light passing through different kind of curtains.
This is a small ètude that explores a possibility on reading this domestic and ephemeral geometrical pieces.
The reading elements are the formal and material properties of the object/shape,
as it is assumed a subjective emotional imposition to the image.

"Preparato di una testa" is a chamber suite written in 2007.
Included in the Cd: "Canciones de cámara / Chamber songs",
the original version of "Preparato di una testa", is a long suite, (30 mins.), that goes along with video.
The instruments used during the whole suite are:
Flute, 2 violas, cello, piano, drum set, 2 sets of electroacustic devices and video. The chamber enseble was processed live with a KP3.
Being very eclectic, "Preparato di una testa", has a beautiful and introspective dance movement,
a small ètude on video-dance, with this nice little girl dancing a kind of "funebre" cadence.